Game made by Jiefinch & Rence. World setting + lore made by @bennabun on twitter.

FAQ / about

Q: What is Saint Spell?
It's an RP group based on DeviantArt (link). Created by @bennabun on twitter.

Q: How was this game made?
Rence & Jiefinch, members of Saint Spell, announced within the group that they'd like to make a dating/friendship sim including everyone's characters for Valentines (2020). Any persons interested would fill out forms for character details within the game, and all the characters published are those run to completion. The music was made by a personal friend of Jiefinch, puff_musiq (spotify).

Q: Who drew the art?
Character sprites: sketch by Rence, color by Jiefinch
Character icons: Jiefinch
Character CGs: Typically the character's owner or commissioned. Credits listed on the guide for each character.
Backgrounds: Jiefinch. Supplemental sketches (the Cafe, Amusement park, Ferris wheel & Bus backgrounds) provided by Yukihomu, colored by Jiefinch

Q: Who wrote the routes?
Some routes were completely written by the character's owners while others were written by Jiefinch after being given an overview of the route. While both Rence and Jiefinch worked on route loading, editing and proofreading, Rence did moreso while Jiefinch focused on routes that needed to be written or applied special game logic.

Q: Where do donations go?